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Projet R&D HYDRA


Projet R&D HYDRA

Hybrid power-energy electrodes for next generation lithium-ion batteries

Personal electronic devices, electric vehicles… The lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery is a technology already used in a wide range of products. In addition to these uses, it also represents a key technology for a number of emerging markets, such as the integration of renewable energies into the national electricity grid and for the aerospace industry.

To ensure the development of these markets, new technological innovations in Li-ion batteries are required. Technological changes are needed to improve performance and reduce dependence on critical raw materials.
The Hydra project, funded by the European Union, aims to develop a new generation of Li-ion battery technology using sustainable materials, with improved capacity and energy output, while keeping production costs under control. It will result in a pilot-scale cell production line capable of producing high-energy, long-life batteries. In addition, through the investments made by the project’s industrial partners, Hydra will encourage the strategic battery market to take root in Europe.

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