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Solid electrolytes

A superior energy density

Solutions for batteries and supercapacitors

By offering improved conductivity and durability with foolproof safety, this technology lends itself particularly well to constrained uses such as those related to mobility. Its compatibility with a wide range of electrodes, including high-potential ones, makes this range of electrolytes particularly versatile. Furthermore, they offer a superior energy density per volume unit.

Solid electrolytes can be directly integrated with the appropriate electrodes using a patented process, saving both resources and time.

Process Electrolytes solides / Solid state electrolytes
Manufacturing and Integration Process for Electrolyte / Electrode Pairs

Generations of solid polymer electrolytes

To lower costs and intensify the production chain, the electrolytic membrane is produced by extrusion, via the mixing of a polymerized ionic liquid and a non-polymerized one.

The resulting membrane can be used in combination with all commercial electrodes, or in combination with treated electrodes, and without the use of organic solvents. As a reminder, the active materials are mixed with the anolyte or catholyte, and the laminated electrodes are obtained ready for assembly. The plan ahead is to improve and scale up the production process without solvents.

Generation 0 & 1
Non-optimized solid polymer electrolyte film, R&D stage (σ = 8.10-⁴¹ at 25°C).
Generation 2
1 Ah prototype cell.
Implementation of a pilot line producing 60 kg/month.
Generation 3
Improved conductivity: 0.7 Pilot line production increased to 180 kg/month.
Production expectations: 2026 : 130 tons/year
2030 : 4800 tons/year


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