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Training programme in new-generation polymers for energy storage

The POLYSTORAGE ETN project aims to design high-quality training courses in the field of “New-generation polymers used for electrochemical energy storage”.

The aim of this project is to train materials scientists capable of meeting Europe’s future energy and environmental challenges. The balanced combination of fundamental materials and polymer science with applied research in advanced energy storage devices is the keystone of this training network. A comprehensive training programme has been designed on two levels: local activities such as enrolment in PhD programmes, courses… and network-wide activities such as sectoral secondments, 6 workshops, 2 schools and a final conference.

The aim is to exploit the large number of potential synergies between innovative polymers and next-generation energy storage technologies, such as post-lithium batteries, redox flow batteries and all-polymer batteries. Industrial participants will be actively involved in training activities and in exploiting the results of the project. Solvionic is a partner organisation in the project.

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