EMPHASIS, a European research project, aims to pave the way for the design of storage systems adapted to energy production using renewable energy sources. At the heart of the project is the development of new supercapacitors capable of delivering the high power levels required for mobility, while at the same time using more environmentally-friendly materials. Solvionic, a founding member of the project, is contributing closely to the design of these systems.

While renewable energies are experiencing unprecedented growth, storage systems have not developed in the same way. This discrepancy between the growing production of renewable energies, most of which cannot be controlled, and energy needs whose peaks are outside the production optimums (e.g. photovoltaics) is holding back the ecological transition. The European EMPHASIS project aims to fill this gap by accelerating the development of supercapacitors capable of storing energy with minimal losses. What’s more, these supercapacitors could be used in the field of mobility, as a complement to batteries in order to extend their lifespan and efficiency, as well as in the field of intelligent clothing.

As a founding member, Solvionic is closely involved in this technological development.



The European GREENCAP project will develop a non-RCM (critical conduction mode) technology to produce high-performance, long-lasting supercapacitors using 2D layered materials, in particular graphene and MXenes as electrode materials, and ionic liquids as high-voltage electrolytes.

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